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Face Coverings In the Surgery Posted on 15 Jun 2020

Coronavirus Update

We are committed to the safety of our Patients, Doctors and Staff

Making Appointments

To make an appointment or an enquiry about a booked appointment, please contact the Surgery on 01509 508412

Please note that in the first instance, all appointments with our Doctors are now carried out via a telephone call.  Patients should only attend the Surgery if a Doctor or Nurse instructs them to do so.

If you are given an appointment to see a Doctor, Nurse, Health Care Assistant or Health Care Professional face to face at the Surgery, you will not be allowed to enter the building until you have been asked COVID 19 screening questions.

Where possible, please attend the Surgery alone.  This will reduce the number of people entering the building and will help us to maintain social distancing.  If you do attend accompanied, we reserve the right to ask anyone attending with you to wait for you outside the building.

Please do not arrive for your appointment more than 10 minutes before your appointment time.  If you arrive too early, you may be asked to wait outside.  Again this is to help us to maintain social distancing.

Social Distancing

When you are in the Surgery building, please try to maintain social distancing at all time.  This means that you should give way in corridors and you may not be able to choose which waiting area you sit in.  Please be assured that your name will appear on the “call in“ screens in both waiting areas when the Clinician is ready to see you.

Wearing a Face Covering 

In line with government guidelines, we are now asking all of our patients to wear a face covering when they are inside the Surgery.  This does not have to be a face mask.  Patients can wear something such as a scarf or bandana. The key thing is that it must cover the mouth and nose.  Please follow the links below to the latest government advice.  We do of course understand that some patients may be unable to wear a face covering, for example, children under 2 years old.


Please note that we are unable to offer Patients a facemask if they attend without one.  Any masks that we have must be kept for use by our Doctors and Staff.

Thank you for your cooperation at this difficult time.



Home made Face coverings for shopping and public transport Masks for the NHS  Picture One lady wearing a face covering a doctor wearing a face mask

 Picture of a man wearing a scarf as a fave covering- Stay alert, You can Wear a scarf as a face covering, A scarf or simple homemade face covering can be used when social distancing is difficult




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